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Oct. 25th, 2012



It's been a while since I've put out an actual thoughtful journal; I mean sure I've put blurbs here and there, little toss ups about how I have been doing and all that jazz. But nothing really down to earth. Now, I know I can't go too full in depth about what goes on through my life, cause let's face it; you really don't want to hear what goes on behind closed doors. But, I'm going to toss things up in several sections. Work. Love. And Social.

Work- Now this has been an interesting point since I've transferred down here to Springfield, and started to work in Eugene. Do I regret it? Nope. It's a lot more fun actually down here. A bit more busy than what it was up in Clackamas. Not that I don't miss my old co-workers, I miss a few of them /a lot/. But, since there's so many employees down here; I'm not getting as nearly enough hours as I used to when I was up in Clackamas, I'm getting close; but never consistently that number. The Managers are a bit lax down here, but at some points sticklers about some things. It's getting kind of annoying actually. They say that they're doing it for constructive criticism, but on some points it doesn't really seem that way.

Thankfully, I got an apprentice step up about a month or so ago, I get one ever 500ish hours I work. So I'm one step away from getting Journeyman, which should happen sometime next year if things go well.

Love- Things between Sitku and I have been going quite well. It's calmed down since the first few months that I lived here; where I was getting used to things and now it's settled down into something that I can contribute to. Sadly, with the hours at work being what they are; I can't always help with providing food; which is annoying really. I'd rather help with that. On the 13th of this month, we shared our first year anniversary; which is an accomplishment for me since that is the longest relationship that I've been in. So, the rest of this is now new ground for me; and it's going to be fun to see how well I do.

Social- The community down here is interesting; I honestly still feel like I'm stepping on toes for moving down here with some people. Though there are some amazing people that I met when I first got down here; sadly some have moved away. But, that's the jyst of things I guess. One of the biggest hits was the fact that a close meet up place closed down due to I think it was a lack of business. We still have one local one, but that doesn't bring the friends down from Portland as the other one did. But, them's the breaks and we gotta deal with it.

So, that's that. That's how I've been lately. Workin', Lovin', Livin', hangin' out. Not a whole lot to write home about. I'm just waiting to win the lottery so I can get rid of this debt I put myself into. Damn loans.

May. 31st, 2012


Dastardly Draolf Deeds - Issue: Summer's Insanity

Alright, so it's essentially the end of May and the beginning of June; a good bit of stuff has happened in the past few months since I last posted here. So, I might as well get down to the gritty of it. Birthday happened earlier this month, had it off; spent it at home drinking. Also came to find out that don't drink on a stomach with just a bowl of cereal in it; you'll regret it later. Then that Friday was spent playing Diablo 3. All the time. Quite fun. <3

Then came my birthday party, honestly one of the funnest that I've had since I have been able to have them. And, it went rather well! Met someone new when they came with a friend, and had a blast with all of my friends that were there. Granted, no party can be done without a bit of drama; and it all happened before and after the party! None during, I can't really fathom just how immature some peopel can be over a party. I mean, I wanted people that I /wanted/ to be there. Not everyone within the tri state area who thought that they belonged there cause they were part of the fandom. But, cest la vie; we all had a blat and I plan to do it again next year!

Sitku and I have been living together for about... oh... four months now; and honestly I'm enjoying every moment of it! Sure, there're still a few bugs to work out; some habits to break. But I'm making progress is actually breaking those. XD Like, doing the dishes in a timely manner, cleaning up after myself and all that jazz. Just gotta make a more conscious effort of it and it'll be all good. Furmeets have been interesting. Still slightly getting used to the home being the furmeet after place. But, it's fun to hang out with my friends and shoot the breeze, tease people, or play video games. Or all three at the same time.

Till I remember to update this again. Mutt out.
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Feb. 16th, 2012

In control

Update on the Mutt

It's been a bit since I've updated this. Mainly due to the fact that I don't really use Livejournal that much anymore... But, a good bit has happened between the last update and now. November was spent half at home and half at Sitku's place it seems. But I wouldn't have had it any other way to be perfectly honest. After he went to Thanksgiving at his parents place and December, I put into motion the act of me moving into his place. As January rolled around, I got ready for FC and my move which was happening 4 days after that move!

Now FC was a fun time. I had a blast there. It was a nice make up for RF, which I kind of needed. But the fun didn't stop there! I had four days of work, where I had to pack nearly everything in my room up on the last day before the move. And then move within one day! It was a success, I wager. Though I had to have my dad bring down things my mom wouldn't give up for the life of her.

It's been nearly a month that I've been living with Sitku; and I gotta say. I'm loving it to be honest. Waking up to him, living here, seeing all of my friends that I rarely get to see anyway? I should've moved out long ago! But, I couldn't since I didn't know Sitku then... so. Yay for now!

Valentines Day was a nice day. I set up a little teddy bear and surrounded it with chocolate for him on his desk at home. And I came home to a little husky plush with shortbread cookies on my desk. It was a nice night. <3

Oct. 16th, 2011


It's Been A While...

Since I've last posted here, hm? Let's see ... How can I summarize up what's happened since Anthrocon... Of course there's been a lot of high points, low points, as well as a good shit ton of midground to cover. But, just how to tell all of you about it. I'm sure some of you read my FA, you know all that's happened there. Others have my Twitter, and then there's the majority of you that watch both. Can't forget the ones I talk to over texts and IMs as well.

Nothin' much to tell about this month! I visited Sitku a bit, forgot to pay June's Cellbill and got smacked in the face with a 200$ bill that I didn't plan for. XD But, learned my lesson.

This month was a bit more... emotional than most. It dealt with my coming to terms that I had feelings for someone. Quite strong ones in fact. To the point, when I couldn't talk to him for several days; I was a mental and emotional mess. Distant at work, pining like a puppy other times. It was an interesting time for me. And it showed me that I had to reign in my emotions so that they don't get out of control.

I knew that he wanted to take his time with dating. And that there was another guy going for him as well. He was dating us both, evaluating us is how he put it. This went through mainly the entire month till his Birthday when we both met in person, then without even wanting to; I started to lay it on a bit thick. But, I do believe that I stepped back and let him have his space. AFter all, I wasn't his boyfriend; I was just someone who was romantically interested in him.

This month had the major extremes. After the birthday, the dating continued till my car hit a snag. The Transmission was going out, in a big way. I had to take out a $3,000 loan to pay for it, and when I got it back from Ford. Twenty minutes later, I hit a culvert; the cement drain thing under the driveways on the backroads, trying to dodge a small animal. So, after paying $2.8k on the transmission, I total my car. I felt /great/. Not really. I was shaken up, angry at myself, and then I started to get a bit depressed/emotional again as my car was how we were going to get to Rainfurrest.

But with the quick thinking and actions of my friends, everything worked out and we got to Rainfurrest. Now, I had a wonderful time at the con. Cept Saturday night when I had a emotional breakdown. That wasn't fun, I really don't want to deal with that. Honestly. I don't. But, during the con; I got to spend time with him. Get to have some fun with him as well. Then when I got home, I got sick. Cause of him. Remember, kids. Don't kiss sick people! XD

The rest of the month, and the previous days of his month, I've been working. Car situation is getting figured out and all that jazz. But, then he asked me make it official. And I couldn't be a more content guy. If I had a tail at the moment, it'd be wagging a mile a minute.

Jun. 27th, 2011


Anthrocon: Day 4 THE END #AC2012

Today. Was. Fun. That was it. Seriously. Not going into detail. ... Alright. I might as well. I woke up at like... 9am to go to Hanlon's Cafe next to Fernandos. Good food! Then I spent the rest of the day dicking about. Spending time with friends. Bothering artists. AVoiding people... persons. Not gonna name names. Got into Fursuit. Wandered about again. Got out of fursuit. Ate food. Arby's was good. I'm really tired right now. Shortest AC journal I've done. ANYWAY! I already know who's going to be in my room for AC'2012. And it's going to super awesome fun time. ... Yeah, I just went there. Cause I'm tired.



[b]DON'T JUDGE ME![/b]

In case you're wondering. :DracoofZeradiathicon: and :Bluebaneicon: are the victims for next year. Or lucky winners. It's up to them to decide really. but, it's gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Uuuuun. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Wait. Imma stop now. *klunk*

Jun. 26th, 2011


Anthrocon: Day 3 #AC2011

Alright! Day 3! ... How did today start out. It's hard to remember... Oh... right. It started out with me waking up at like... 11am and eating a few granola bars for my breakfast as well as having a Mt. Dew. XD Then I headed downstairs and over to the ConCenter while texting people to find out where they were. I got my sketch from DNA, and loved it. <3 Then I went and got my sketch from Gideon and I loved that one as well!

Heading into the Artist Alley, I found Crux, Daigo, Modem, and a bunch of other artists that I chatted with. And I left my big ass sketchbook with Crux. To get a picture of me and Conejito. Because there needs to be more artwork of that bunny out on FA and I am starting to have a fondness of bunnies with a tough side. Granted, he is like putty in my paws. Muahaha...

Anyway. After all that, I headed towards the room with Artie to hop into suit in order to get ready for the Parade! they did it differently this year, as they were taking the photo first and then doing the parade. A smart plan in my opinion. So, I dragged Artie into the middle where there was a massive hole. Then I dragged Silent Rayven, and Fallout in there as well. Cause, I wanted to.

After the parade, we went out on the town! Found little kids, toyed with them a bit. Then went to get food. Where we found out that McDonalds doesn't like fursuiters. I'm sorry, Ronald McDonald. Artie and I are way cooler than you'll ever be. You're not fuzzy and soft to hug. You're creepy and clowny. Granted, I wouldn't hug you anyway.

After that, we hit up the room again; Artie and I that is as well as Tannyk for a bit, After I ate, I headed out to find more friends! Wherein I found Draco, and Bluebane. Who were accompanied by Voco. We had a good bit of a sit in to just relax a bit. Which I loved since I well... needed it after the parade and the post-parade shenanigans.

Afer THAT, we went to get pizza. And I went to get back into suit after I ate. Then a photoshoot at night on the roof of the ConCenter! Can't wait to get those photos onto my computer and into my hands. They're gonna look so awesome~
And now. I rest.

Jun. 25th, 2011


Anthrocon: Day 2 #AC2011

Alright! Day 2! Woke up at around... oh... 10ish. And started to send out texts/tweets to friends about where they'd want to go to breakfast. Hit up Draco of Zeradaith and Blastgoggles and went to Dunkin Donuts. Had a nice chat about things furry, computers, and other random things that came up. Then we went our separate ways to go back to the hotels, and then the Zoo ultimately.

I went out fursuiting for a good bit. Had a good bit of fun just following people around and acting like a little nuisance; though people really like my shades on my suit. Which I love! XD They match so well. I go out of suit because I was hungry; and I didn't want to eat pizza in fursuit, so I went down to Panini and Pizza and grabbed my lunch and headed back to the zoo. Found Blastgoggles again and found out that Bang! was brought! God that game is fun. Watched a game as it was played, and then hopped in on the second game; and damn that one went long!

After that game, Artie and I went fursuiting. We hit up the outside, played around with the mundanes for a good bit and then headed back inside to just wander around and chat with the other suiters as we headed back towards the hotel room to desuit.

After that, I sprinted to Subway to hang with Draco, Voco, and Bluebane. Ate food. Chatted. Got to know Bane a bit more, and then we headed back to the Zoo to play some Magic to pass the time. It was nice, and now I am tired. Bluebane is going to draw and epic Magic related picture of him and I. XD Granted, only a sketch. But still; it's awesome.

Later today, my plans are to hit up Dark Natasha for a sketch. And if I can't get to her, I'll just go find someone else for a picture. I has plans in my head, and I wants to get them out. Muahahhaa! ... I'm going to go to bed now.

Jun. 24th, 2011


Anthrocon Day: 1

Today was quite... eventful! XD Woke up at like... 9ish am, and headed to McDonalds with a bunch of friends. Ate breakfast, and chatted while we got sight of other friends there! Then after that, we hit up CVS Pharmacy where I got myself some well deserved caffeine! In the form of Mt. Dew. Then I went to play Magic, did about one... I think game, and hit up pre-reg. In suit. Had a bunch of fun doing fursuit shenanigans! Then, came back to the room and chilled a bit until Artie came in. I helped him suit up, and then we both went back down and just had a lot of fun!

Then, when we came back up and got out; I got food. Dicked around a bit. Then came up to get back into suit. Where I found out that it was broken, holes had appeared along the zipper which was effecting its ability to zip up. So I tried to fix it, and it just got worse and worse until I asked Syber from Made Fur You to help me! She repaired my zipper, and I was happy again.

Then I hung out on the roof of the Con center with Draco and Voco for nearly two hours till we had to meet up with one of Draco's friends and I was hungry, so we killed two birds with one stone and hit up the Subway, which we found out is open till 3am. c.c

Now I think I'm going to go to bed. Today was exhausting in more ways than one.

Jun. 21st, 2011


Canada Trip: End! Anthrocon: Day -1

So! Yesterday marked the end of my time in Canada. I went to the Zoo with Fallout, Hida, Morg, Tannyk, and Dezu. We spent like... nearly an hour just staring at the Red pandas due to Dezu wanting to see them. XD Not that I minded, we did get to see some rather adorable things. Then from there, we started to wander around the Zoo. Hitting up the Tigers, then the Pot Bellied pigs and owls. Then we got food, and went to a bunch of other different exhibits.

I found out that having pizza for breakfast isn't usually a good idea when you don't have something else with it. Then from there, Dezu took Tannyk and I to the airport. And from there we went from Calgary, to Toronto; where they lost my actionpacker and then found it again within an hour. That didn't make me happy. Then I went through US Customs, and then went through US Security. Like I could've done something inside of the US Connection Baggage claim.

Then when we landed in Pittsburgh; we got taken by Rowlga and Aurum up to Ohiopyle to go White Water Rafting! And it was amazingly awesome! I wanna do it again... maybe in a year or so. XD I got so wet, I had to have the Westin to my laundry. Granted it is expensive, But I'd rather have them do it than me try to find a laundromat within the city.
And now! I am in the hotel room with Artie, Conner, and Tannyk. All of us are on our computers. Cause we have nothing to do.

Jun. 20th, 2011


Canada Trip: Day 5

Today was my lazy day! I did nothing really except stay at Tannyk's place and hang out with him. XD Granted, he said that on Sunday Calgary just closes down at 5pm and such. But! As it stands, it's a great way to relax to be honest. XD I'm glad I took a few days to just do nothing. Later today, might be filled with Zoo time, another movie... and then airport time! Yay! :D

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