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Canada Trip: End! Anthrocon: Day -1

So! Yesterday marked the end of my time in Canada. I went to the Zoo with Fallout, Hida, Morg, Tannyk, and Dezu. We spent like... nearly an hour just staring at the Red pandas due to Dezu wanting to see them. XD Not that I minded, we did get to see some rather adorable things. Then from there, we started to wander around the Zoo. Hitting up the Tigers, then the Pot Bellied pigs and owls. Then we got food, and went to a bunch of other different exhibits.

I found out that having pizza for breakfast isn't usually a good idea when you don't have something else with it. Then from there, Dezu took Tannyk and I to the airport. And from there we went from Calgary, to Toronto; where they lost my actionpacker and then found it again within an hour. That didn't make me happy. Then I went through US Customs, and then went through US Security. Like I could've done something inside of the US Connection Baggage claim.

Then when we landed in Pittsburgh; we got taken by Rowlga and Aurum up to Ohiopyle to go White Water Rafting! And it was amazingly awesome! I wanna do it again... maybe in a year or so. XD I got so wet, I had to have the Westin to my laundry. Granted it is expensive, But I'd rather have them do it than me try to find a laundromat within the city.
And now! I am in the hotel room with Artie, Conner, and Tannyk. All of us are on our computers. Cause we have nothing to do.


Hope to see you there then, I'm already in the Westin too, feel free to pass by the Dealer Den if you get chance once that's open! (WWF Awareness - H02) =3

October 2012

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