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Anthrocon Day: 1

Today was quite... eventful! XD Woke up at like... 9ish am, and headed to McDonalds with a bunch of friends. Ate breakfast, and chatted while we got sight of other friends there! Then after that, we hit up CVS Pharmacy where I got myself some well deserved caffeine! In the form of Mt. Dew. Then I went to play Magic, did about one... I think game, and hit up pre-reg. In suit. Had a bunch of fun doing fursuit shenanigans! Then, came back to the room and chilled a bit until Artie came in. I helped him suit up, and then we both went back down and just had a lot of fun!

Then, when we came back up and got out; I got food. Dicked around a bit. Then came up to get back into suit. Where I found out that it was broken, holes had appeared along the zipper which was effecting its ability to zip up. So I tried to fix it, and it just got worse and worse until I asked Syber from Made Fur You to help me! She repaired my zipper, and I was happy again.

Then I hung out on the roof of the Con center with Draco and Voco for nearly two hours till we had to meet up with one of Draco's friends and I was hungry, so we killed two birds with one stone and hit up the Subway, which we found out is open till 3am. c.c

Now I think I'm going to go to bed. Today was exhausting in more ways than one.


Wow sounds epic I wish I could've made it to AC this year :/

October 2012

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