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Anthrocon: Day 2 #AC2011

Alright! Day 2! Woke up at around... oh... 10ish. And started to send out texts/tweets to friends about where they'd want to go to breakfast. Hit up Draco of Zeradaith and Blastgoggles and went to Dunkin Donuts. Had a nice chat about things furry, computers, and other random things that came up. Then we went our separate ways to go back to the hotels, and then the Zoo ultimately.

I went out fursuiting for a good bit. Had a good bit of fun just following people around and acting like a little nuisance; though people really like my shades on my suit. Which I love! XD They match so well. I go out of suit because I was hungry; and I didn't want to eat pizza in fursuit, so I went down to Panini and Pizza and grabbed my lunch and headed back to the zoo. Found Blastgoggles again and found out that Bang! was brought! God that game is fun. Watched a game as it was played, and then hopped in on the second game; and damn that one went long!

After that game, Artie and I went fursuiting. We hit up the outside, played around with the mundanes for a good bit and then headed back inside to just wander around and chat with the other suiters as we headed back towards the hotel room to desuit.

After that, I sprinted to Subway to hang with Draco, Voco, and Bluebane. Ate food. Chatted. Got to know Bane a bit more, and then we headed back to the Zoo to play some Magic to pass the time. It was nice, and now I am tired. Bluebane is going to draw and epic Magic related picture of him and I. XD Granted, only a sketch. But still; it's awesome.

Later today, my plans are to hit up Dark Natasha for a sketch. And if I can't get to her, I'll just go find someone else for a picture. I has plans in my head, and I wants to get them out. Muahahhaa! ... I'm going to go to bed now.



October 2012

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