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Anthrocon: Day 3 #AC2011

Alright! Day 3! ... How did today start out. It's hard to remember... Oh... right. It started out with me waking up at like... 11am and eating a few granola bars for my breakfast as well as having a Mt. Dew. XD Then I headed downstairs and over to the ConCenter while texting people to find out where they were. I got my sketch from DNA, and loved it. <3 Then I went and got my sketch from Gideon and I loved that one as well!

Heading into the Artist Alley, I found Crux, Daigo, Modem, and a bunch of other artists that I chatted with. And I left my big ass sketchbook with Crux. To get a picture of me and Conejito. Because there needs to be more artwork of that bunny out on FA and I am starting to have a fondness of bunnies with a tough side. Granted, he is like putty in my paws. Muahaha...

Anyway. After all that, I headed towards the room with Artie to hop into suit in order to get ready for the Parade! they did it differently this year, as they were taking the photo first and then doing the parade. A smart plan in my opinion. So, I dragged Artie into the middle where there was a massive hole. Then I dragged Silent Rayven, and Fallout in there as well. Cause, I wanted to.

After the parade, we went out on the town! Found little kids, toyed with them a bit. Then went to get food. Where we found out that McDonalds doesn't like fursuiters. I'm sorry, Ronald McDonald. Artie and I are way cooler than you'll ever be. You're not fuzzy and soft to hug. You're creepy and clowny. Granted, I wouldn't hug you anyway.

After that, we hit up the room again; Artie and I that is as well as Tannyk for a bit, After I ate, I headed out to find more friends! Wherein I found Draco, and Bluebane. Who were accompanied by Voco. We had a good bit of a sit in to just relax a bit. Which I loved since I well... needed it after the parade and the post-parade shenanigans.

Afer THAT, we went to get pizza. And I went to get back into suit after I ate. Then a photoshoot at night on the roof of the ConCenter! Can't wait to get those photos onto my computer and into my hands. They're gonna look so awesome~
And now. I rest.



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