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It's Been A While...

Since I've last posted here, hm? Let's see ... How can I summarize up what's happened since Anthrocon... Of course there's been a lot of high points, low points, as well as a good shit ton of midground to cover. But, just how to tell all of you about it. I'm sure some of you read my FA, you know all that's happened there. Others have my Twitter, and then there's the majority of you that watch both. Can't forget the ones I talk to over texts and IMs as well.

Nothin' much to tell about this month! I visited Sitku a bit, forgot to pay June's Cellbill and got smacked in the face with a 200$ bill that I didn't plan for. XD But, learned my lesson.

This month was a bit more... emotional than most. It dealt with my coming to terms that I had feelings for someone. Quite strong ones in fact. To the point, when I couldn't talk to him for several days; I was a mental and emotional mess. Distant at work, pining like a puppy other times. It was an interesting time for me. And it showed me that I had to reign in my emotions so that they don't get out of control.

I knew that he wanted to take his time with dating. And that there was another guy going for him as well. He was dating us both, evaluating us is how he put it. This went through mainly the entire month till his Birthday when we both met in person, then without even wanting to; I started to lay it on a bit thick. But, I do believe that I stepped back and let him have his space. AFter all, I wasn't his boyfriend; I was just someone who was romantically interested in him.

This month had the major extremes. After the birthday, the dating continued till my car hit a snag. The Transmission was going out, in a big way. I had to take out a $3,000 loan to pay for it, and when I got it back from Ford. Twenty minutes later, I hit a culvert; the cement drain thing under the driveways on the backroads, trying to dodge a small animal. So, after paying $2.8k on the transmission, I total my car. I felt /great/. Not really. I was shaken up, angry at myself, and then I started to get a bit depressed/emotional again as my car was how we were going to get to Rainfurrest.

But with the quick thinking and actions of my friends, everything worked out and we got to Rainfurrest. Now, I had a wonderful time at the con. Cept Saturday night when I had a emotional breakdown. That wasn't fun, I really don't want to deal with that. Honestly. I don't. But, during the con; I got to spend time with him. Get to have some fun with him as well. Then when I got home, I got sick. Cause of him. Remember, kids. Don't kiss sick people! XD

The rest of the month, and the previous days of his month, I've been working. Car situation is getting figured out and all that jazz. But, then he asked me make it official. And I couldn't be a more content guy. If I had a tail at the moment, it'd be wagging a mile a minute.



October 2012

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