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Dastardly Draolf Deeds - Issue: Summer's Insanity

Alright, so it's essentially the end of May and the beginning of June; a good bit of stuff has happened in the past few months since I last posted here. So, I might as well get down to the gritty of it. Birthday happened earlier this month, had it off; spent it at home drinking. Also came to find out that don't drink on a stomach with just a bowl of cereal in it; you'll regret it later. Then that Friday was spent playing Diablo 3. All the time. Quite fun. <3

Then came my birthday party, honestly one of the funnest that I've had since I have been able to have them. And, it went rather well! Met someone new when they came with a friend, and had a blast with all of my friends that were there. Granted, no party can be done without a bit of drama; and it all happened before and after the party! None during, I can't really fathom just how immature some peopel can be over a party. I mean, I wanted people that I /wanted/ to be there. Not everyone within the tri state area who thought that they belonged there cause they were part of the fandom. But, cest la vie; we all had a blat and I plan to do it again next year!

Sitku and I have been living together for about... oh... four months now; and honestly I'm enjoying every moment of it! Sure, there're still a few bugs to work out; some habits to break. But I'm making progress is actually breaking those. XD Like, doing the dishes in a timely manner, cleaning up after myself and all that jazz. Just gotta make a more conscious effort of it and it'll be all good. Furmeets have been interesting. Still slightly getting used to the home being the furmeet after place. But, it's fun to hang out with my friends and shoot the breeze, tease people, or play video games. Or all three at the same time.

Till I remember to update this again. Mutt out.
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