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It's been a while since I've put out an actual thoughtful journal; I mean sure I've put blurbs here and there, little toss ups about how I have been doing and all that jazz. But nothing really down to earth. Now, I know I can't go too full in depth about what goes on through my life, cause let's face it; you really don't want to hear what goes on behind closed doors. But, I'm going to toss things up in several sections. Work. Love. And Social.

Work- Now this has been an interesting point since I've transferred down here to Springfield, and started to work in Eugene. Do I regret it? Nope. It's a lot more fun actually down here. A bit more busy than what it was up in Clackamas. Not that I don't miss my old co-workers, I miss a few of them /a lot/. But, since there's so many employees down here; I'm not getting as nearly enough hours as I used to when I was up in Clackamas, I'm getting close; but never consistently that number. The Managers are a bit lax down here, but at some points sticklers about some things. It's getting kind of annoying actually. They say that they're doing it for constructive criticism, but on some points it doesn't really seem that way.

Thankfully, I got an apprentice step up about a month or so ago, I get one ever 500ish hours I work. So I'm one step away from getting Journeyman, which should happen sometime next year if things go well.

Love- Things between Sitku and I have been going quite well. It's calmed down since the first few months that I lived here; where I was getting used to things and now it's settled down into something that I can contribute to. Sadly, with the hours at work being what they are; I can't always help with providing food; which is annoying really. I'd rather help with that. On the 13th of this month, we shared our first year anniversary; which is an accomplishment for me since that is the longest relationship that I've been in. So, the rest of this is now new ground for me; and it's going to be fun to see how well I do.

Social- The community down here is interesting; I honestly still feel like I'm stepping on toes for moving down here with some people. Though there are some amazing people that I met when I first got down here; sadly some have moved away. But, that's the jyst of things I guess. One of the biggest hits was the fact that a close meet up place closed down due to I think it was a lack of business. We still have one local one, but that doesn't bring the friends down from Portland as the other one did. But, them's the breaks and we gotta deal with it.

So, that's that. That's how I've been lately. Workin', Lovin', Livin', hangin' out. Not a whole lot to write home about. I'm just waiting to win the lottery so I can get rid of this debt I put myself into. Damn loans.


congrats on the 1 year dude. Hope everything works out in the end. *hugs*

October 2012

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