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The Realm of Kaji's Mind

Be careful where you step.

Kaji Aldewolf
10 May
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While he has the main body of a wolf; he has the wings of a dragon, this hybrid is unique in most ways though not in some. He stands at a height of 6'4' and he weighs in at a modest 166 lbs. Starting from the tip of his ears, his fur is a pitch black, save for the slight pink inside his ears and the vibrant hazel of his eyes. The fur on him is slightly shaggy as if he's caught in-between the shift from his summer coat to his winter coat. The teeth hidden beneath the fur are as sharp as ever and are wolven in shape and style.

His torso is probably the least fit of his body. While his chest is rather toned, his stomach is probably the only spot where pudge would be. Though the fur helps cover it. Though it does show when the fur is matted down. Going from his neck all the way down over his groin to the tip of his tail is a shade of gray that is a nice contrast to the black. His arms are well built; their tone coming from the dragon half of him and from the random physical activity he puts himself into. Compacting the muscle to be more effective.

His wings are 12'10' in length from tip to tip. These wings have no special markings on it nor do they have any spikes where the wing fingers end. They are just wings, but the membrane is as flexible as silk, yet as tough as steel. His maximum wingspan is 15' and his minimum wingspan that allows him to fly is 88, though that's for only short distances before he has to go back to his full wingspan or fall. The wing scales are pitch black to match his fur and the scales meld seamlessly into the fur. The membrane is pitch black as well, to allow him to blend into the night sky.

His legs go the same way as his arms, fit to the point of toned; yet not overly muscular. Parceling duty does need leg strength, ya know. The fur softens the look of the muscles so it just melds into a smooth surface. Though, whenever he's wet or being blasted by some force of wind; all shows as goes with the rest of him. Now you see why he wears clothes.

The clothes that he wears are fitted for him to relax in, he doesn't do much else than that to be honest. Cargo shorts that hang down close to his knees or past them are baggy enough on him to have him wear a belt. A vest that's loose on him as well, two metal clasps under his wings to hold it onto his body when he is moving around. Not much else on him besides those two pieces of clothing. There isn't much left to the imagination when you're only wearing two things.